Sunday, August 2, 2015

Why You Should Consult A Spiritualist, Intuitive or Medium

In today’s economic down turn, more and more people are turning to Spiritualists, Intuitives and Mediums as their therapists, counselors and clergymen. Going to an intuitive is sometimes more helpful than your local therapist or clergyman because an authentic intuitive can tap into your Higher Self and translate the soul-language transmitted by your Spiritual Self.  It's really you guiding you when you speak to an intuitive.  Intuitives are the interpreters because our soul speaks in code and symbols. Any strange dream you have had is evidence of this. This symbolic communication is invaluable and supersedes our egos. Who best to guide you than you?!

6  reasons you should see an Intuitive, Spiritualist or Medium: 

1-They are less expensive than a conventional therapist, consultant or counselor.  Authentic intuitives spend years learning about their gifts and those that devote their lives to it have many credentials and certificates. Some even have collage degrees in spiritualism. But a true dedicated intuitive doesn't have to have a degree to be very helpful and at times they are life saving.

2-Just like a therapist an intuitive’s guidance can heal and unblock many addictions and life issues that you have held on to for life.

3-Unlike a therapist, an Intuitive Medium can connect you with passed loved ones and very often, guide you as well. This communication helps with grieving and the sense a loss. They also can connect you with your passed pets. Let’s see a conventional therapist do that! 

4- Your passed loved ones, guides and angels are always speaking to you and an intuitive can show you how to connect better to their energy for yourself.

5-Authentic loving intuitives and spiritualists never try to sway your thinking into believing anything you don't want to. They don't try to instill different beliefs, or challenge any of your values; they only try to help you consider possibilities involving all aspects of your being.

6-Because it's fun and up lifting! If a intuitive ever makes you feel worse than when you started speaking with them they are not real, they are not connected to the divine and are working for their egos or are simply frauds. A session with a genuine intuitive, spiritualist or medium may cause you to think differently about a difficult issue, which is not always fun, but they will not make you feel worse, leave you upset, scared or more confused. And I always suggest that if your having sessions that make you more confused or frightened stop the sessions! Stop it in the middle of the session if you have to. There are a great many frauds that work from fear and to even hear a few words based in fear can send you in the wrong direction. Stop and seek a more reputable Intuitive.

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