Saturday, July 18, 2015

When I knew I was Psychic

Over the years, I've often been asked “when did I know I was psychic and how does one develop their intuition?”  I am a natural born psychic/medium, but I believe everyone is born with some degree of psychic ability. Everyone is aware of  "mothers intuition". It's a natural ability for a mother to acknowledge, trust and act on their intuition or gut feeling.  The connection of the mother is so strong to her children that an energetic -feeling and channel of communication remains throughout the rearing of children, if not thorough their entire lives.

Children also are very intuitive up to the age of 7-9 years old, but as we age the process of reopening and trusting our intuition can be a challenge for many. This is where the "natural born psychic" and others with psychic tendencies differ. Psychics like myself are born open to seeing, feeling and communicating with the spirit world and remain open throughout their lives. We do enhance and learn to use our abilities, but there is not a process of opening.  We are already plugged into the unseen energetic and spiritual world. This normally always has its difficulties and there is a learning curve.

When I was a child I did not hear spirits talking to me. However, I always knew that I could "see things in the air" and at a young age started seeing lights and orbs in my room at night. I wasn't scared although I didn't know what they were and never told an adult or asked about them. I remember one time asking my best friend, we were about 13, "isn't it funny how you can see from behind your eyes?"  She looked at me like I had three heads and I learned then to keep my observation to myself.

From about age 15, I really became interested in metaphysics and read every book I could find about it. Over the years I became more and more sensitive to spirit and at about age 18, I began doing rudimentary readings for people.  I have studied my gifts and learn to hone them.  My gift was not always easy to deal with in the beginning years and at times was very scary as more and more earthbound spirits came to me, but what a great school! The 100's of hours I have spent directly learning and talking to the dead, the more comfortable I became with my gifts, and felt a real love and connection to those that have passed on.   I found out that they are the same as us, they still love, feel pain, worry, learn, have fun, fear, grieve etc...  all of our emotions stay with us on the other side. We hold our personalities, the good and the bad, when we pass and I feel that is important to understand because I believe that is what keeps people afraid of dying. I feel they think that they will lose their identity, which is far from the truth.

Bottom line we're all born with intuition and it's a natural process. If you would like to build upon your natural born gifts it doesn't have to scary or unmanageable. But I do recommend finding a mentor you trust. Learn for them and with others through classes and spiritual events. But one huge tip, I'm sure online psychic schools and classes have their place, but they don’t compare to the energy of unity with any in-person education program. Along with my readings and healing practice I do offer mentorship, so if you have questions about your psychic journey please don't try to do it alone. Get In touch with me and I will safely guide you in the right direction.   

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