Monday, July 6, 2015

My Twin Contact

Twin Flame 

On the morning of May 27, 2012 while still lying in bed awake, I reviewed a very strange dream that included a ghost in a bedroom with the walls peeling back showing layers... dry wall, to wood, to brick to what looked like a casket. The dreams' content, although very vivid in color, was rather a mixture of experiences and people, so I will dismiss the meaning of it here. But I will go on to say that after I had fully awaken the spirit of my Twin Sister who I call Little Becki came to me and said:

“I am your twin. I do the same thing here as you do, but you see things differently than me.

I said, "I know this".  I had been communicating with her for over 10 years prior to this visit and when "Little Becki " was first revealed to me she was only a child of about 7 and I was in my early 40's.   Hence the name I gave her was "Little Becki."
 She then said to me:  "grab a pen" and I began dictating the following from Little Becki .

“we are the same.
we are one.
we connect with others of the dirt. (meaning we work and communicate with those who are on the other side.)
we care what happens.
we assume we are wrong,but that is not true.
we believe there is a God who works in amazing ways.
we want to please him and we do.

Don't forget, I love you.
-Your little twin sister.”

Then later while in the kitchen making coffee a group of spiritual beings came and told me that my twin comes from another universe and she is learning from what I do here. They told me that she used to be evil, and that I would be able to review what she has done when I returned. They also said she is a saint like I am. (being called a Saint by them set me back because I in no way feel that I'm Saint worthy) 

I share this twin phenomena and contact with you because I find it very interesting and unusual. Everything I have researched and read in books about soul mates and twin souls is that they are of opposite sex.   Clearly my twin is manifesting as the same sex as myself and has always come to me as female. I have studied why this is and have gone into meditation to try and garner answers.

The information I have intuitively received about this phenomenon is this:

Humans as a soul group can and do juxtapose as both opposite and same sex split energies of the same soul; I don’t believe this can be disproved.

It is really simple to understand if you are able to push your thought process beyond this realm. We live incarnated on Earth, in a world of many tangible dualities, (such as light and dark, fire and water, and male and female) but why would we need to adhere to this while in spirit form?

  We are not tied down into a psychical body. We can choose our form to be of any shape, sex connected to any lifetime lived here on Earth, another planet or universe.  My spiritual guides have told me that when we are free of our psychical bodies we can be anything and anywhere we would like, as long as it complies with the work of the Divine God Head.  A simple example would be wishing to learn something while in spirit form, finding a book to read about the chosen subject only to open the book and find it empty of words. After communicating with hundreds of discarnate spirits, I have found that there are limitations in spirit just as there are here on Earth and our work searching for answers, growth and well being is not over when we pass from this realm, and in most cases it is only heighted to more of a state of confusion.

However that confusion is cleared as we continue to grow and learn on the other side. Interestingly enough I have been privy to "deaths" happening in spirit.  It is very complicated and I only end this article with this comment:  There is no way to understand clearly what twin flames and soul mates are, where they come from, reside or how they work in the grand scheme of the Divine Plan. The best thing we can do is to understand that we are many pieces of an enormous energetic puzzle. Who's to say we are not spilt a thousand times over and a million more? I believe that we are all split from one single source and we manifest in the highest form/ energetic fashion that we can understand to guide us to ascension back to that single source.

I captured these images of a twin flame phenomenon in 2012. This candle and another one like it, two nights in a row burned for over an hour flickering high a low until they finally split in two and burned another hour until I was tired and sleepy.  Each night this happened I walk over to the flame to snuff it out and when I reached about 2 feet from them they went out by themselves. This is the mystery that I love in my work as psychic medium and what keeps me working with others to help them understand the mystery that surrounds us all.

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In Light & Love  

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