Friday, June 26, 2015

Rebecca Manns Psychic Medium

I am Rebecca Manns and I have been a practicing Intuitive Therapist for more than 25 years.  I offer Angelic psychic readings, mediumship readings, mentorships and remote Indigenous energy healings for people and properties.

In addition I offer Spiritual Mentor classes and I have held audience readings and numerous other Spiritual events at the Harmony Farms Healing Center in  Tipp City, Ohio.

I have practiced and studied with Guy Gilleshammer, Aka Lone Eagle, Master's of Theology on Holistic Health; Dissertation on "The Natural Science of Oral Teachings" - Braided Traditions for three years. This training has allowed me to obtain and carry my Metis (Cherokee and English) Medicine Bag and Turtle Rattle Medicine through the Turtle Mountain North Dakota lineage since 2007.  I also have received my Master Reiki certification, worked with essential oils, and I am a certified Munay-Ki:Nine Rites of Initiation and Oneness Blessing practitioner.   I am a Dream Work Analyst, certified pet and human energy healer, Intuitive Mentor and Angelic Communicator. 

After 20 years of intensive work I am devoting my time to growing my business, Healing Starr LLC. 

However, I know my work and training are never finished.  With that said, I continue to honing my skills in Indigenous Narrative Medicine within the scared Sangre de Cristo Mountains near Crestone, Colorado.

I am in the process of opening an Indigenous Therapies Healing Center that will offer sessions through dialogue, journeying with meditation, music, guided imagery and other Indigenous tools facilitated in a sacred safe environment which will allow me to continue my healing lineage.

Therapies include:

  •  Dream and vision analysis
  •  Spiritual teachings/mentor
  • Finding your life’s purpose
  • Help direct you with relationships, careers, and finances
  • House and property clearings of unwanted spirits/negative energy
  • Remote clearing and healing sessions
  • Pet communication-in life or passed.
  • Help balance karmic contracts
  • Connect you with deceased loved ones 
  • Lift depression 
  • Discover your spirit guides and animal spirit helpers
  • Communicate with your Angels
If you are interested in my services please click here Healing Starr.

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