Saturday, August 15, 2015

Your Thoughts Are Important

My post today will explain a very important aspect of spiritual energy that many people aren't aware of. Most people have heard the old adage " Birds of a feather flock together" and on a surface level it is easy to understand. However, I would like to shed light on how it works on a spiritual or energetic level.  

Thinking is a living thing. Every thought you have becomes a living thought form that manifest everything around you in the tangible. But have you ever considered what your thinking does after you have thought it? Thoughts are made of spirit stuff aka Prana, Chi, Qi, ki and a thousands other names. They travel back to the spirit realm first once they leave your mind. Your thoughts go straight to spirit and meets up with like vibrational thought forms where they roll around together gaining power, then they come back to you to rework into your thought processes.

Now this is the important part. Spirit is full of all sorts of nasty little thought forms. Things you never thought you would ever be associated with are really closer to you than you ever dreamed; three feet to be exact. The only thing that keeps the nasty thought forms out of your being is to not think about things you don't want in your life. I realize a lot of you know this already. However, here's the real scary part. For example; when you give your mind to drug altering substances your personal thought forms are kidnapped very easily by discarnate spirits. Then they go on to the spirit realm with the desires of the entity, not your own, roll around with like vibrational thought forms and come back to you. This happens to various degrees and the desires will be like -minded to the entity. You are then left to sort out these foreign energies from your own. This is not always easy as the entity wants you to keep doing and thinking in a way to satisfy it's own desires.

 There is a great deal more to understand about energy and thought forms than this short article provides, but I wanted my readers to understand that the spirit world is more involved in your life choices than you think, so make wise decisions and think about the energetic affect your thoughts have on your everyday life.   Get in touch with me here   or follow me on Facebook or Twitter

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